A full architectural service

From our offices in Wallingford we complete projects not just in Newbury, Reading, Didcot and Henley but across the UK.

Concept Design

Every design starts of the 'CONCEPT'. The bold concept ideas we can offer create solid foundation to your project. Our aim is to work with you on the concept design, which inevitably transforms into a satisfactory and eye-pleasing building.

Turning a concept into a design

An idea is a precious thing. We promise to listen to you carefully before we approach the design. We will realise your idea in practical construction drawings and detailed specifications to ensure that when your project is complete, you have the design you want.

Historic building conservation

It's a challenging discipline: a conservation architect has to be sensitive to the soul of a building; must follow strict guidelines and source superior craftsmen and materials. He must ensure that when the project is finished, the building maintains it's ethos and will continue to stand the test of time and be an asset to the community.

Modern architects

We are excited to be bringing our skills to contemporary architectural projects. Working in glass, metal and timber fabrication, we are now presenting ourselves as modern architects. See what we are working on

Planning consultant

When you have emotionally invested in your project, creating and submitting a planning application and following it through can be a gruelling experience. We can take care of the paperwork and the scheduling and use our experience to give you the best chance of receiving planning consent.